View Full Version : Equium M40X - Boot Post Process is slow

13.08.2006, 19:39
Is there anyway I could turn off the POST. The computer takes at least 5minutes booting up and when the Desktop appears applications cannot be used for another 7 minutes until the boot process has completed. The hard drive is half full, I have de-fragmented the files, done the drive clean, but the problem remains.

Every day the laptop crashes, often receives updates and so much time is wasted. I have tried to find an option in the BIOS to turn off the post for the software I've installed but could not find one.

I would appreciate any advise on this.


Mannerhagen Tom
15.08.2006, 11:00

could it be that you have a defective harddrive?
Did you listen for repeating strange sounds from the HDD?



16.08.2006, 15:54
I would recommend checking the HDD and the memory modules.
Both parts could have a bad influence on the booting procedure.

16.08.2006, 20:22
Hi Gemma

I agree with TOM. Is there any strange sound when HDD is active? I recommend you to check sectors on the HDD. For that you can use tool called HDD Regenerator.