View Full Version : IDE #1 ERROR on start up Satellite Pro Series 2100

10.12.2004, 21:01
Hi... I am getting a IDE #1 ERROR displayed on starting the computer. My CD/DVD drive doesn't seem to be recognised (In Device Manager the drive is not shown) and certainly doesn't work at all. I have not installed a new CD/Drive drive, it's the original factory supplied.

Also, another clue is when I press any of the dvd control buttons on front panel the following pop-up window appears:

"The drive setting in Toshiba controls is wrong. so the audio/video control buttons won't work.Please select the correct drive letter.for the internal CD/DVD drive"

However on the drop-down box there is no drive letter to select!
Any help would be gratefully receieved. Many thanks, Matt

10.12.2004, 22:14
HI Matt,

it seems that your IDE Controller is damaged. For playing safe you should recover the notebook with the Toshiba recovery Image and if the failure occures on a fresh new system, the IDE controller is bad!

It could be possible that only the IDE cable is loose, but to kow that it would be better to bring the notebook to a Toshiba Service Partner!

Bye daniel