View Full Version : High pitched sound appears when AC adaptor is plugged in on Equium

12.08.2006, 18:12

My laptop is four days old, yet when I am using it and the AC adaptor is plugged in and supplying power, a high pitched, low volume sound is emitted from the fan area. When I remove the AC adaptor it usually disappears, but sometimes it will intermittently return in the form of an occasional stutter, typically when I use processor-intensive programs.

I have also noticed that if the sound is not present and yet I increase the screen brightness in the TOSHIBA power saver properties, it will return with a vengeance. In addition, the power pack makes the same hum but at least I can sit several feet away from that.

Can anyone thus please tell me if this electronic hum/tone is normal, and/or if there is something I can do to prevent it being emitted?

Thanks for any help.


Mannerhagen Tom
15.08.2006, 10:40

I think you should contact your dealer / ASP with this problem. It sounds to me like there is some kind of component inside the PC that is generating this noise when the CPU speed is high.
Also if the AC Adapter is humming, you should show this to them as well.

It sounds not normal that the unit should behave like this.



20.08.2006, 00:21
Hi illsley, to start with what Processor is your laptop delivered with??
If you are a Celeron / P4 user I'm afraid the high pitched noise may not be a defect it depends just how loud is loud. These Processor fans do have a bad habit of generating a certain amount of noise and is quite a common problem unlike the Pentium M / Duos. However since your laptop is still new I would recommend getting it checked out anyway just in case there's a serious defect. As for the noise changing when you use the AC adapter this is because the power saving profile switches automatically to AC mode which usually increases the fan speed. To rectify this check your power saving options or select quiet mode after you plugged in the AC adapter.
The noise from the power pack is an interesting one, usually you cannot hear anything unless put your ear directly against it if it hums while placed on a non-hard surface like carpet I would have it checked out.
Apart from that there's very little else you can do I have a pair of noise cancelling headphones which I use sometimes it really makes an amazing difference to background noise.

Richard S.

03.09.2006, 19:23
Hello, Thanks for the replies. Since my initial posting I have asked several other people if they can hear the 'tone' and they say they cannot, so it would probably appear that it's a natural low-level sound that I may have been too eager to declare a problem.