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09.08.2006, 14:26
My A100-181 is a month old. I managed to have an ADSL (high-speed) internet connection at home with Orange France using their Livebox. The connection worked using both a USB cable and a wireless connection using the inbuilt Atheros Wireless facility. However, for the last week I've been unable to establish the wireless connection! The Livebox is synchronised and my laptop picks up the reception, but the computer and Livebox are unable to connect! I've spent 3 hours on the phone with Orange technicians who now tell me my wireless card needs to be checked by Toshiba, as the Livebox is fine (so they tell me). Do I need to download the latest drivers for my wireless card? Should I delete everything and start from scratch using the CD de restauration? Can a wireless card function perfectly and then suddenly stop working? I'd be grateful for any advice.

09.08.2006, 17:24

First of all please check in the device manager if the WLan card is properly recognized.
If there you will not find any yellow exclamation marks so I presume the WLan card and other devices work properly.
Then don't forget to switch on the Wlan switch at the notebook side and to use the FN+F8 function

You have written that you use the Atheros WLan utility. In this case the Windows WLan configuration must be disabled because the Atheros controls the WLan configuration.
I donít know if you have encrypted you WLan but I would recommend disabling this option to test the connection. You can enable it later.
Please also check if the MAC addresses filtering is disabled on the router.

Well, of course, you can try to update the WLan driver. For this please check the Toshiba driver page.

10.08.2006, 10:21
Hello bergham

Please check other wireless topics and you will find many useful discussions and tips how to establish wireless connection.

In your case I recommend you to check the connection with some other wireless router. If some friend of you has one test it and you will see if the problem persist.