View Full Version : Equium M50: How to change the Wlan WEP details?

09.08.2006, 09:50
Does anyone know how to change the WEP(?) details on an Equium M50, I have just signed up to Orange wireless broadband and they tell me that their WEP code is 26 digits and some older pc's only look for 23 digit codes? I can set my wireless switch to on and my laptop finds the wireless box but will not pair to it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a centrino laptop, a wireless box, an £18 monthly bill and still have to use a wire!


09.08.2006, 15:03

Static WEP comes in two flavors, 64bit and 128bit. When one configures a WEP key on an access point or client device a hex (or sometimes ASCII) string is entered to represent the key.
If you using 128 bit WEP, the user entered portion is 26 HEX digits (13 ASCII Characters)
The 64-bit WEP encryption required 5 digit alphanumeric character password or 10 digit hexadecimal characters.

I don’t know what WLan application you use but usually if you have Atheros WLan card you should be able to change the encryption in the Atheros WLan utility.

If you use the Windows to configure the WLan connection so in this case you have to change it under Wlan network properties.

14.10.2006, 04:28
Hello, while we are on the subject of WEP, can anyone tell me where I can log in the WEP password I placed on my wireless modem.

Now I can't log on unless I put it in the security page of something......Toshiba M70 using a Zoom X6 Wireless ADSL modem.

16.10.2006, 10:15
Hi Ricky

Usually the WLan encryption passwords you can set in the Wireless Network Connection properties.
There you should select the tab called “Wireless Networks”
Then select the WLan network which you want to use and use button “properties”
The new window should appear with the encryption options.