View Full Version : Battery not charging on Satellite M70

09.08.2006, 09:11
I have a problem with my new M70: the battery will not charge at all, does not matter is the laptop running on AC, or completely turned off. The orange battery LED up front turns un only for 3 sec, and will turn off.
The battery remains on 2% charge, and I can not get it charged?

Also I have an older satellite laptop from Toshiba, and it is acting the same about a year ago!

Any recommendations?


09.08.2006, 16:06
If you have another M70 near check to see if the battery from it will recharge. If it does, your battery is dead and needs to be replaced. If it stays the same way and fails to charge, then chances are your motherboard needs to be replaced. Hope you fix this.

09.08.2006, 17:44

I would also recommend checking firstly the battery. I have read somewhere that you can charge and discharge the battery about 500 times. Then the battery will lose the performance and sometime goes dead.

If itís impossible to charge the new battery so there must be something wrong with the hardware. In such cases the service help is needed.