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09.08.2006, 06:46
When trying to burn cd the message "Windows media player has encountered a problem etc" appears
I have tried about 15 brands of blank discs. Some will work ok for a while then suddenly they are no good.
I have just tried using a second external dvd/cd drive and this seems to work ok.
What am I doing wrong, is there a setting for the multi driver that I have missed?

09.08.2006, 14:31

You should know that not every medium is compatible with all drives. I know from one's own experience that some CD/DVDs are not very compatible. I use the TDKs and Iím very satisfied.

In the user manual you should find the list of compatible and supported medias. Please check it.

09.08.2006, 20:42
Thanks for that. I am aware of compatability. The problem is that a brand appears compatible for a couple of days and then wont burn. I now think there is a fault with the drive as I can burn to an external dvd/cd drive connected to the machine. The Multi Drive in the machine will not burn anything at all now so the problem has got worse. Will have to contact dealer as machine is under warranty. Cheers

09.08.2006, 20:48
In such case I would also recommend to contact the dealer or the authorized service
partner. Maybe the drive must be replaced.

23.08.2006, 13:54
i have the same problem on my laptop. what i did was lowered the writing speed. this worked the last time i burnt a cd.
i also have a problem which u might share. all of a sudden my dvd drive doesnt not recognise burnt cds. it recognises most burnt dvds but no cds. does anybody hav a clue how to fix this??

30.08.2006, 17:48
Having taken the A60 back to PC World and explained the problem - was told they would have to reformat the hard drive and test the machine??? - strange. Left the machine for over a week to get the problem fixed and surprise - "Oh we could not find a fault!"

Tried burning loads of CD's and they worked every time I am told. Even more strange! I don't have any music stored on the Laptop it's all on an external hard drive so what have you burnt?? - I am not sure was the reply.

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