View Full Version : No Wlan connection on Satellite P20

08.08.2006, 17:42
As my laptop Satellite P20 did´t come with a wireless solution I upgraded it manually with the Wireless LAN Card PA3212U-3MPC.
The cable supported LAN connects flawlessly, but I can´t get the wireless hook up to work at all!

Device manager tells me everything´s fine, DSL provider does, too...
The Toshiba manual says, Windows Xp automatic drivers would be fine with a 802.11.b setup.

So why is it?
Anyone any ideas, please?

09.08.2006, 11:13

Is the card recognized and listed in device manager? If yes is the card activated properly (WiFi switch and FN+F8 key combination)? If yes is there any sign of WLAN in your neighborhood?

By the way: did you connect the antenna cable correctly (white cable to main and the black one to aux)?

09.08.2006, 15:24

Did you connect the both cables correctly?
As far as I know you have to connect a white cable to the MAIN and a black to the AUX.

Furthermore please check you router settings. Is the SID hidden option enabled so you have to insert the WLan SID manually in the WLan network properties?
Additionally check if the Wlan switches are on.

16.10.2006, 00:39
had same problem and got solution from PCI manufacturer...

goto start -> run... type 'regedit'
Now Click on the + sign next to HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE and then in the expanded options click on the + sign next to SYSTEM.
Now from the menu bar click on Edit and then on Find
Now Type "dot11RadioDisableSupport" without quotes in the text next to Find what
Locate "dot11RadioDisableSupport" as shown in the figure and change its value from 1 to 0.
Restart PC

This will hopefully solve the problem, but the wifi on/off switch will not work....have to use tell tale in taskbar notification area.

good luck