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08.08.2006, 14:57
There has been a discussion here ("Tecra 8100 - RAM upgrade") about memory upgrade.
It has been said that for TECRA 8000 - max memory capacity of 256 MB (2 x 128). (unlike TECRA 8100 - which can be upgraded to 512)

Does anybody know if changing BIOS may allow for 512 MB with TECRA 8000?

Thanks in advance,

08.08.2006, 19:52

I donít think that after BIOS upgrade on the Tecra 8000 you will be able to use 512MB memory.
As you said you can use max 256MB (2 x 128MB SDRAM)

09.08.2006, 12:29
Every hardware infrastructure or single hardware component has a technical limitation and it can not be simply changed by update. Because of that BIOS update can not change the max usage of RAM.