View Full Version : Need recovery CD for Equium A60

08.08.2006, 11:42
i have just recently had a new hard drive installed in my laptop by toshiba, i have also lost the recovery CD, can someone direct me to somewhere that i can buy the CD,
many thanks
stefan fyfe

08.08.2006, 11:45
Hallo Stefan

Recovery CD or DVD can be ordered by Toshiba service partner in your country. Other way you donít need to buy one and you can use Microsoft WXp full version installations CD and than you can download all Toshiba stuff (drivers, tools and utilities) from Toshiba download page.


08.08.2006, 12:04
Yes, it might b better to buy directly from Toshiba. I found this other website but not sure if it's a reputable seller: http://www.gennersales.co.uk/recovery/Toshiba.htm (does anyone know?)

Hi Pedro, ur advice sounds great but where can u get this Microsoft WXp full version installations CD ?


08.08.2006, 12:07
Hello Lisa

You can buy Microsoft WXP Home or Pro installations CD in every computer store. You can also buy one on eBay as used one.

By the way: maybe is recovery CD cheaper as Microsoft one but you can know this just if you contact service partner.