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08.08.2006, 09:11

during the normal operation of the Tecra 8100, the display suddenly goes dark. The display is still working, only the backlight is dark. By pressing the small pin, which is switching off the backlight, when closing the display, the light reappeares. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for a few minutes, but most of all only for seconds. A reboot of the machine solves the problem for at least half an hour. What can I do?

Thanks in advance


08.08.2006, 11:57
u can change the various time settings in Power Management (Display/ Power Option Properties)


09.08.2006, 16:03

When the display goes dark can you get it back pressing any key of the keyboard or moving the mouse?

09.08.2006, 16:10
Could be the inverter going bad on the computer. I would suggest taking it to your asp because as far as fixing it goes it is going to be a hardware fault. You can always try to reinstall windows and see if that fixes it, but I seriously doubt it. There is no setting on power saver that shuts off the display after a few seconds. And as far as time goes, this is a pretty random problem. I say the LCD inverter is at fault, and your ASP can fix it fairly cheap. Best of luck.

12.08.2006, 19:51

I know this fault. You will need to take off the grey surround at the front of the LCD screen. To do this pull up the two small grey covers over the screws at the bottom left and right of the screen and remove the two screws. Now get a small screwdriver and prise the front cover away from the screen and back. It will unclip fairly easily, the bottom of the surround needs a bit more of a prising off to remove it (careful not to damage the screen). Make sure all power is OFF and battery out of machine, then look at the base of the screen and see a small strip of electronics, this is the screen light circuit. Uncover the plug on the right hand side of this small unit and unplug and replug a couple of times. This connector being the high voltage output must "burn" a little and make poor contact. Put screen cover back and you will have a working laptop. You may need to do this again in some months, but I promise you it is the fix, as it has worked for me. Let me know how it went!!

28.08.2006, 14:34
@ project579

You must have had telepathic access to my machine;-) I've polished the contacts with a contact cleaning spray and a small cloth of soft leather, allowed them to dry before reconnecting, reassembeled the display - and, what shall I say: it works. I

had no black screen for at least one week. Before repairing the display went dark every few minutes. So I hope, I have fixed it. To clean the contacts every few months, is a situation, I can cope with. This is far better, than pressing the small pin beneath the display again and again every two minutes (sometimes every few seconds).
Thanks to you all.