View Full Version : Equium A110 cooling fan coming ON and OFF very often

08.08.2006, 00:02
I have just bought a new Equium A110 and fan comes on and off very often. Web I go to a favorite in my Browser the fan comes on as the page loads then goes off when it has loaded and also comes on as I scroll down the page using the wheel mouse. Is this normal?
Is there anyway I can reduce this on-off fan?


08.08.2006, 11:06

I presume that there is no much to do. I have new Satellite L100 and there is the same situation. Anyway try to reduce cooling method option in power management.

08.08.2006, 16:31
In my opinion itís a normal issue. But as far as I know you can control the fan and cpu usage in the power saver. Try different cooling and CPU settings in the power modes.

08.08.2006, 23:48
It's a simple fact that the harder your processor works the more heat it produces. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about the CPU fan it's designed to protect the hardware from heat damage. Changing the power saving options should help since this controls how hard the processor will run.

Richard S.