View Full Version : Wk2 will not detect the HDD on Portege 3480ct

07.08.2006, 16:26
Hi all, Been tring this for 2 days now and i have no idea. I want to install win2k on 3480ct but the win2k install will not detect the harddrive... Winxp will detect it, win98 will detect it...

I have the latest bios, so i am starting to think win2k needs a driver to see the drive but i am not finding any.


Mannerhagen Tom
10.08.2006, 10:59

yes this sound strange indeed! There is no need for a special driver to use with Win2000 as long as we're talking about the internal HDD.
If you're using the external HDD adaptor you will need a driver.

Can you try to use a partition and MBR clearing software? Just to make sure there is no special 'garbage' that prevents Windows from seeing the disk.
Can you also try to make default settings in BIOS and try again?

Good luck


10.08.2006, 16:21
As mentioned to install the W2k you donít need any additional drivers.
I would also recommend formatting whole HDD and deleting all partitions.

Furthermore you should use a original Microsoft W2k CD. I read in the net that some peoples wanted use the copy of the W2k CD but this CD was not bootable.