View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 external monitor as the primary device?

07.08.2006, 15:04

I want to setup my computer to use an external monitor, it works fine to extend the desktop to the external monitor as a the extended part.
BUt what i want is to use the external monitor as the primary device and teh display on the laptop as the secondary and extended part of the desktop. These choices are already in teh prperties of the screen setup in windows xp but they doesnt work.
Is there som kind of driver update or separate utility to fix this?


07.08.2006, 18:34

As far as I know itís not possible to set the external monitor as a primary display and the notebook screen as a secondary display.

07.08.2006, 22:52
ok, it may be a limit on toshiba. i know its possible on some other computers.

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08.08.2006, 10:49

I can just confirm what Eldorado wrote. I am also not able to set external display as primary one. I donít know if this is the manufacturer limitation but notebooks LCD display is fixed as primary one.