View Full Version : Equium M70: Not possible to charge the battery - online discharging?!

07.08.2006, 14:21
My battery is playing games with me. I cannot charge it and use my laptop at the same time because it says 'Online, discharging' until eventually the battery is so low that I have to turn it off. I then have to unplug the AC, plug it back in again at which point it begins to charge until full.

The AC is only good for charging the battery, not for when the laptop is on. So basically I can only use the laptop for about 2 hours, then have to stop and wait another 3 or so until the battery is charged again. 'Online, discharging' just seems so illogical to me.

Any ideas anyone???
Thanks in advance.

George P

08.08.2006, 23:53
This is a very strange problem I can only assume that the AC power supply is faulty and isn't delivering the full power thus the laptop resorts to battery power. If your laptop is still under warranty I would recommend you get your AC adapter and laptop checked out by Toshiba.

Richard S.

09.08.2006, 15:39

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but I have the same opinion like Richard. It is really possible that problem is power supply electronic and just intensive test can give more answers. I donít know how old your unit is and if warranty is still valid but try to contact your local dealer or even Toshiba service partner directly. Explain the situation and you will see what they can do.