View Full Version : Reseting a HDD password on a Tecra

07.08.2006, 03:25

I have a 4GB HDD from a Tecra that I no longer use. I remember the password of the HDD but whant/need to reset it so that I can use it as a backup HDD on another machine. As far as I can see it is possible to reset the HDD password when using the program "hddpwd32.exe". The problem is that I don't have that program and that I am unable to find it.

The HDD is only 4GB and has been formated so none of the original programs are installed.

Any suggestions in how to reset the password?

07.08.2006, 10:35

Sorry but I am pretty sure that there is no way to reset HDD password because it is saved on HDD itself. In this article there is description how to create password backup diskette.

Did you create it?

07.08.2006, 11:05

Thank you for your answer. I don't agree that I should have a password backup diskette, since there is nothing about that in the articles section "Deleting a hard disk password in Windows 98"... and it shouldn't be necessary if the password is known. The article actually describes that you remove/change a HDD password WITHOUT anything else than:
* The HDD Password program: hddpwd32.exe
* Remembering the HDD password in use


Since I do have the password it should therefore be possible to do the reset. As far as I can see I only miss the program to do so... but where can I find hddpwd32.exe or any other MS-DOS tool?

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