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06.08.2006, 22:51
hello everybody!
I've got a problem with my wireless networkconnection of my new toshiba laptop.
1.66ghz centrino, 512 ram
my wlan card is called "Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection" <- is this a good card ?

So let me explain what the problems are:
1)The wlan card doesnt always find the router.(at the moment it seems to work, but im not sure if it works tomorrow too =))
2)after the wlan card recognized the router it seemed like everything would work, but the connection was very very slow and it took over 10 seconds to load a normal website,although the signal strength was "very good" !!
(i tried with opera and internet explorer)

so my question is: what can i do to improve the speed? is the card maybe damaged? i got the latest drivers (also windows update) and dont know what to do... :(
im hoping for some answers, thanks!! =)

07.08.2006, 21:31

Go to the device manger and select the WLan card. Go to the properties and choose the advanced options. There you can disable the power option. The 802.11 preamble set to long and short

08.08.2006, 02:00
hey and thanks for your answer.
im quite sure that the advanced options are all set perfect. I checked them all and compared them to the perfect settings i found in google. (most of them were "standart/default" settings).

Today I found the router very fast, so this part of the problem is hopefully solved, but the bigger problem is still the same...the speed of the wireless connection is sooo very slow,although the signal strength is great!

What can i do?

08.08.2006, 02:26
hey hey
i've got something to add :
i tried to "repair" the connection with windows, but it sadly did not work, because it could not get an
IP-adress from the router!
i just wanted to add this, maybe somebody can help me!

greetings daniel

08.08.2006, 10:34
Hello Daniel

In my opinion you should try to check if the same problem occurs with other access points. If some friend of you have one please test it.

I can remember that Intel 2200 BG WLAN card makes a lot of problems but it was not the case with all access points. Intel has created several driver updates and it supposes to be fixed now. Try to check Intel download page. Maybe you will find some update there.

08.08.2006, 12:50
thanks for your answer!
i already tried the laptop at a friends access point and there it worked, although the connection was not that fast as it is with cable. A site took about 2 seconds there.
The problem seems to get the networkadress from the router. I think if this could get solved everything would run.

08.08.2006, 15:29

I think there could be a compatibility problem with your router. I know that itís possible to upgrade the router firmware. Maybe it helps. I donít think that there could be something wrong with the card or notebook because according to your posting it works on a different wlan routers.

08.08.2006, 16:01
hey i already got the latest firmware for my router. the notebook finds the router but when i click to connect the router doesnt give the ip adress for the notebook. a friend tried to connect to my router with another toshiba notebook and everything worked perfect !with my normal computer everything works too.
so the probloem must be the laptop.
btw,firewalls are disabled.

But thanks a lot for your answer!
has anybody some ideas maybe? =)

08.08.2006, 16:13
But you have suggested in your post above that you have checked your laptop at a friends access point and it was worked.

> i already tried the laptop at a friends access point and there it worked...

In my opinion there is compatibility problem between your WLan card and your WLan router.
Have found also this posting

08.08.2006, 18:25
hey,thanks for the answer! the link was very helpful and i checked everything, but sadly it was not the solve of the problem.
the filters are all disabled. There also is no firewall or something.
my ip in the settings are set to "automatic" (my friend who connected to my wlan also used "automatic")
hmmm...really strange problem i think, some more ideas?

08.08.2006, 18:49
I bought the same laptop a week ago and had all the same problems. I tried everything and even resorted to buying a new router ( which I must add was unnecessary). I updated the wireless card driver - this did not work any better. Then I updated my bios and Hooray everything works like a dream. I am sure yours is the same problem. On the support and downloads website you can select a bios upgrade or download. Remember to plug your laptop on mains when doing this. Hope you solve your problem.

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08.08.2006, 19:24
Hey!!! I Cant believe it...I tried it 1 week with the latest drivers, windows updates, different router settings, and the problem was the bios (!!)
thanks a lot for your entry, you saved my laptop's life, i was short before throwing it out of my window :p
thanks for everybody helping me to solve and big thanks to rietvldg!