View Full Version : Cannot connect to wireless internet - WLAN card not installed - Satellite Pro M10

04.08.2006, 23:35
Hi, i have just been given a second hand toshiba satellite pro M10 and i have just rebuilt it and put windows xp home edition on it. What i would like to be able to do is to connect to my families wireless network so that i can get rid of all the cables on the floor. My laptop seems to think that there is no wireless card installed though. Now i had the same problem with the cable lan, but i went onto tosibas website and downloaded a patch and updated the driver in device manager. I am not able to do this with the wireless as there are no drivers to download for it and there is apparently no device for it in device manager. Could somebody please help me and tell me what to do and how i can download a patch or fix the problem. Thanks, Andrew Reid

05.08.2006, 09:02

first of all, did you install the drivers according to the installation instructions?
If not this can cause problems.

When you see the wireless card working correctly in the device manager, check if you are getting a signal of any router. If there is nothing the WLAN card is faulty, or the router works with another standard (a,b,g).


05.08.2006, 23:58

i have not downloaded any more drivers for the wireless as i don't know which ones i should be downloading and as a result i have not downloaded installation instructions. are you able to help me and tell me what drivers i should be downloading and where i can get them from and what they are called. thanks again

06.08.2006, 10:08
Here is the install order:

Windows XP
Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility V4.20.1009
XP AggressiveC3 setting RegFile 31.10.2002
biosinf.inf for AggressiveC3 setting 17.01.2003
QFE Banias Processor Driver Q332179
QFE Unchecked Buffer in File Decom. Fun. Q329048
QFE for Indeo video codec Q327979
QFE JAVA Applet vulnerabilities Q329077
QFE Unchecked Buffer in HTML Help security Q323255
QFE Multi-Border DVD with more than 4 GB of Data not readable Past first border Q329112
Display driver NVIDIA GeForce4 420 Go Display Driver
Audio driver ADI WDM Audio Driver
V5.12.01.3528 update 2
Infrared driver V5.1.2500.0b
DM 5.1.2500.0
SD Card Host Driver V 2.0.1
DM 2.01.21105
SD Card Driver V 2.0.1
DM 1.06.21004
TOSHIBA SD Memory Card Format V2.0.0
BlueTooth Stack V2.01.02
BlueTooth Easy Connect V1.0
Modem driver Toshiba Software Modem
Toshiba Fast Ether LAN Driver V6.4.14.0
Wireless LAN Driver Atheros V2.1.2.16
Tohsiba Wireless Lan Driver V7.62.0.390
Cisco Wireless Lan Driver V3.4.9
Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 Lan Card Driver V1.0.28.2
Toshiba Common modules V6.00.03
Toshiba Power Saver V6.00.04
Toshiba Utilities V4.10.00
Toshiba Mobile Ext. 3 V3.36.00.XP
Toshiba Console V3.01.07
Toshiba Controls V2.05.2500
Toshiba Hotkey for Display Devices V1.00.01.00-02
Toshiba Display Device Change Utility v1.0.0.0
Toshiba User Manual
Acrobat Reader V5.0 V. 1.00
Toshiba Skins V1.00.1121
Wireless Hotkey V2.0.0.3
Config Free V1.0.1.04
Dual Pointing Device Driver V6.0.301.8
Toshiba Dual Pointing Device Utility V1.0.0.2
InterVideo WinDVD V4.0 Build 11.85a
Drag'n Drop CDRW Software V3.00.171
Atheros Client Utility V2.1.2.16
Cisco Aironet Client Utility V5.05.001

As you can see there are 4 different wireless drivers. (Atheros, Toshiba, Cisco, Intel)
Look what wireless card you have and install the right driver.