View Full Version : Satellite Pro L10 repaired but missing battery

04.08.2006, 11:26

this is my first post on this forum. Back in June 2006 I had my Toshiba L10-100 beeing repaired by a service partner of Toshiba in Austria. It was just the main fan that fell out. I got the package back and left it unseen, because I was busy with other things. In other words: I did not checked what I got back properly. Now, after near a month and a half I had to see, that the battery was missing in the package.

Sure, it's my fault to have not examined the package properly when I received it. But now I am a laptop user with lost mobility option.

I contacted the service partner but it refused my customer complaint. Well, I have no proof that I did not received the battery.

Any ideas?


04.08.2006, 21:09
Hi Fred

Your story is really amazing. If you take the notebook in your hands you can see if battery pack missing. The battery pack for this unit is not small one. Sorry but in my opinion it is your fault because it is usually that returned product should be checked and if something is missing it should be reported immediately.

Sorry but I donít see any chance that you will get new battery. It is not the case with your laptop but with every product.

Good luck!