View Full Version : Satellite Pro A120-106: What kind of display?

03.08.2006, 21:06
I plan to purchase new notebook, exactly Satellite PRO A120-106 and I have found different informations on shop's web sites about display. Do you know what kind of display is used in this model, TN or *VA?


04.08.2006, 11:02

I have found a information that this unit supports a display size 15.4" WXGA TFT with a internal resolution of 1,280 x 800.
This is all what I have found about the display.

Check this Toshiba model overview page:

04.08.2006, 15:14
Thanks for answer. I have read this specification but it doesn't solve my problem. I'm looking for notebook with display which has good colours and wide angles of view but without TrueBrite technology. The VA matrix is ideal for me, but I'm not sure that this type is used in this model of notebook.

04.08.2006, 15:32

In specification sent by Jeffrey there is no info that this notebook has TrueBrite display. By the way: why you donít like it?

I donít know which notebook is best solution but a new Satellite U200 has no TrueBrite display but display is pretty small (just 12.1"). Check also Satellite M100. Maybe is this one good for you.


04.08.2006, 18:40
I don't like TruBrite because it causes light reflexes. I think that is good choice for watching the films or playing the games in dark palces. But I will use notebook mainly for office works or programming. It often will be used in a car or garden, where is a lot of light. It seems me that TruBrite more tires eyes than mat matrix if you work for a long time.