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03.08.2006, 10:28
Hi! I have a Tecra 9100, which has just been reinstalled with a recovery disk and all Win XP updates and patches has been done. And all Toshiba specific issues have been fixed.... BUT still my WiFi card is not found by the OS. What could be the problem?
My Bluetooh works all fine, and responds to power on/off, but there is no reaction from the WiFi card. I have also tried to replace the WiFi board with another, but still no action.
Is there a "power-supply" only for the WiFi board that could be checked? An y other components that can be replaced? I have another computer that I can take/switch components from...
Edit: I have also upgraded the BIOS to 1.60

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03.08.2006, 10:43

Does the OS recognize the WLan card in the device manager?
I have found the information that the WLan card is optional on this unit.
This means that there could be no WLan card. But you have suggested that you have tried to install another card. Did you use the compatible one?

Furthermore if you have installed the WLan card you have to connect the 2 cables; white cable to main and the brown to aux

Then if everything was correctly installed you can install the WLan drivers.
To detect the Wlan card you have to enable the switch at the front side of the notebook and then FN+F8.

03.08.2006, 11:06
Hi, and thank You for the answer.

The OS does not recognice the WLAN card in the device manager, and there really is a WiFi card in the PC, and it is a compatible one.
Both cables are connected in the same places as on the first WiFi card, and the WLAN drivers are also installed...
Switch in front is enabled, and I hvae tried the Fn+F8, but nothing happens.

Is there any drawings of connections internal in the PC anywhere, or install instructions for installing WiFi card just to ensure that everything is done right? My guess is that either is there a lack of power to thw WiFi card or there is a error on the mainboard / bus that does that the OS will not see the WiFi card, but any other options / suggestions are welcome to be tried...

03.08.2006, 11:18
Usually after connecting the compatible WLan card to the notebook the OS should recognize it as unknown device.
Then after installing the driver the WLan should appears properly in the device manager.

If the card cannot be recognized properly so there could be something wrong with the card or the slot. Unfortunately without any additional tools it is not easy to say what’s wrong exactly. In such cases you should contact the Toshiba service partner in your country for the error diagnostic.

03.08.2006, 16:49

I agree with previous posting. Who knows what the wrong is there. I think that just provisional investigation can give you more answers. Unfortunately there is no public maintenance manual how to disassemble notebook and handle with defective hardware components.

Good luck!