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02.08.2006, 14:45
I have recently reformatted my laptop using recovery discs. Now the internal modem does not work. It is recognised by the computer but I get the message "The port that the modem is attacahed to could not be opened. This may be the result of a hardware conflict" when I query the modem in device manager. Also, within device manager there is no indication of the COM port being recognised. What can I do?

02.08.2006, 14:53

Firstly I would recommend to remove the modem from the device manager and then to reinstall the modem driver.
It should be not necessary to assign any COM ports manually. After modem driver installation all should be configured automatically. Be sure that you use the right modem driver for country where you live.

02.08.2006, 16:05
I did this but it has no effect. I am still getting the message 'The modem (or other connecting device) is already in use or is not configured properly) when I try to use the connection?

02.08.2006, 16:16
Hi again

Did you get a error 633?
If yes please check this Microsoft page:

Also this Microsoft article is very useful:
Resources for troubleshooting modem problems in Windows XP

COM Port Missing from List of Available Ports When You Try to Install a New Modem

Check also this: