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30.07.2006, 21:57
I've reviewed all 54 pages of posts for the TE and Tecra forum here, and have only found one that is directly related to the issue I'm having. It's titled "Tecra 9100 major sound problems" and was locked, unaswered with the last post on July 21st with some response about using a new driver.


I just recently bought two used Tecra 9100's (warranty is expired unfortunately) and they both are in great shape. I couldn't be more happy with them, but sadly enough, the sound is out on one. I have checked through all the general solutions, device manager, reinstalling drivers, buying new sound board on eBay, testing with working sound card from other system...

I've tested the SD card reader with a 16 MB and a 1 GB card, neither of which were detected (even though I updated the driver for that too).

The driver installation for the Yamaha sound card returns an alert box telling me that "The driver was not installed".

I've cleaned all the contacts with alcohol and q-tips multiple times.

There are no unrecognized devices in the device manager.
The OS is a fresh install.
The BIOS is updated to most recent version (ver 1.60).

If there is anyone out there tha can please help me to further diagnose this problem I would be very grateful.
Thanks a bunch.

02.08.2006, 12:25

According to your link what you have posted, the posting was answered.
The sound issue was caused by installation of SP1.
However, you have bought a second hand units and changed sound boards etc…
Sorry, but nobody knows what you have done on your notebook.
I have found that this unit was delivered with sound chip YAMAHA YMF753.

Furthermore the SD card slot supports not every SD card sizes.
Additional it doesn’t support MMC and SD-card I/O

02.08.2006, 21:52
Hi Orion

On this way it is not easy to give any precise diagnostic. Be honest: how to do this? Everything you done is right and your troubleshooting is impressive. With original recovery media everything can be much easier but if you don’t have it only thing you can do is to install OS and after that all stuff that you can find on Toshiba download page.

If something doesn’t work properly, in my opinion, there are just two possibilities: either is hardware defective or the driver installation is failed. If I am remember well before you want to install driver for SD card reader you must enter SD card into SD slot and then install the driver but I believe that is described in txt document delivered with driver.

I have the same unit in my office and next week I will see if I have problem with WXP installation (non recovery media).


03.08.2006, 08:11
Thanks for trying to help, the referenced forum link says clearly on the top of the page that "This question has been marked as unanswered". In addition to that, I have two identical laptops, both with identical part numbers, both of which were wiped recently when I bought them from a company that went under. They both were recovered the same way, and both were updated in the exact same way. The sound card did not register in the disfunctional machine even when it had a fresh install without SP1. I just received the original recovery discs with norton ghost on them to re-install the o.s. on a bigger drive I put in. I have the upgraded laptop sound card working wonderfully after updating to SP2 just as it was when the original 30 gb drive was installed with the o.s. on it. I will consider taking the time to re-ghost the other machine in hopes of getting the sound card to be detected. It does not look promising. And by the way, I did indicate that I tried two different sized SD cards... one at each extreme (16 MB and 1 GB), so that was covered already.

Aside from your grammar holes, I appreciate the compliment. I try to find solutions as best I can before asking; it makes for a better understanding of other problems down the road. I am worried that it is a hardware malfunction on the system board, but if so I don't have any realistic means of diagnosing it aside from ripping both laptops down to nothing and mix-and-matching to find the faulty hardware.

I would like to know if when a driver install fails, if the "unknown device" will disappear or remain in the device manager. From my experience, a failure to install drivers for a device simply results in the unknown device to remain unknown, not drop out of existence. I also took the hard drive with installed drivers from the machine that was updated out and put it in the one without a detected sound card, and the sound card failed to be noticed. The hard drive in the disfunctional machine was also swapped, and it immediately detected the sound card on the good laptop and installed the drivers.

As far as the driver install for the SD card goes, putting the card in first and then installing sounds pretty sketchy... I'll give it a try if I end up re-imaging the machine.

Thank you both for your responses and support.

04.08.2006, 05:39
I have the exact same problem, too bad I don't have another Tecra to make ghost

09.08.2006, 08:41
I have the exact same problem as you. My SD reader stopped reading probably about 2 years ago (on Win2K.) It persisted in it's dead state following upgrade to XP. I've tried everything there on the driver side to no avail (also used different density/brand flash cards for test as you did.) As for the sound card, this worked with Win2K but failed to function after recent upgrade to a fresh full install of WinXP Pro SP2.

I tried installing the same s5105sndx driver pkg from the toshiba site and received the same warning box with "driver was not installed." I tried installing the Win2K driver on XP just for giggles too but no change. It would be nice if a reply from support was received on this but the 9100 is kinda old news for Toshiba at this point.

I did see the Creative Labs pcmcia Audigy 2ZS card for $49 after a $40 rebate from zipzoomfly.com, but I believe the rebate ended today (8/8.)

15.08.2006, 02:21
I'm working on my friend's Tecra 9100 with the exact same issue. WinXPProSP2 does not even notice/recognize that there is a sound card installed (known-working-good -- verified by testing in another 9100, which worked perfectly). I, too, have cleaned the contacts with no luck. I'm pretty confident that the issue does NOT lie with the sound card or drivers -- leaving the... mainboard, right? You know what that means?

15.08.2006, 17:53
I have exactly the same problems. No sound card under WinXP Sp2 and not able to switch the Wlan card on, and since yesterday no IrDA.
I change the soundboard two times with the same results.
I think it is a manufacturer's defect, too.

22.08.2006, 13:25
I have similar problem with my Tecra 9100 running on WinXP Pro. No sound device, modem, and wifi card detected. I have tried clean reinstall and downloaded the updated drivers but to no avail.

I came across a site with a discussion in these issues. It says there the I/O board could be the culprit. Here's the link (I hope it'll not get snipped): http://www.asklaptopfreak.com/laptop-notebook-help/2006/08/01/sound-wireless-modem-failed-same-time/

I haven't done replacing my I/O board yet but I'll try to find any to see if it's really the culprit. Any suggestion how to get a cheap one?

28.08.2006, 22:12
OK people. Guess what, I have the same problem! Mine is a 9000 and i have tried the same things except changing the board. If it at all helps I think a Widcomm bluetooth install/uninstall has somehow killed it. If anyone has any info I'd be very glad to hear. For info, the modem and wireless switch have also been taken down. The machine has been rebuilt with the original recovery disk on a new hard drive (That died recently)which brought back the wireless switch, until I tried bluetooth again! ............ I know! Fool! Oh, mine is still 98SE

25.10.2006, 22:11
I have this same problem too... How to repair this systemboard?