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30.07.2006, 17:30
Hi all,

When shutting down my laptop, I got the blue 'screen of death' and when it restarted, windows came up with this crash analysis: "Error caused by problem in random access memory: run Windows tool". I downloaded the diagnostic tool (mstinst.exe), opened it so I had 'windiag.iso' and burned it onto a CD like they told me to (using 'Record Now') then I put it in the CD drive and restarted my comp. But it didn't initiate the tool!! Does anybody know why it didn't work and how I can make it work? Even if I got the tool to work, would I be able to fix the RAM problems anyway, i.e. should I just take my laptop to a repair centre??

Thanks :)

30.07.2006, 22:04
I assume if it's written to the CD then this disc needs to boot?? Change the booting order so that CD-ROM is the first boot device, this can be done with a special Toshiba tool from Windows or by access the BIOS setup from (ESC, F1). I've never heard of any special Windows's tool but for memory tests I would recommend using www.memtest86.com

Richard S.

30.07.2006, 23:27
Thanks redhawk. I'm sorry to be a pain but I don't know *that* much about computers and don't feel confident enough to change my BIOS... I had a look on the windows site but couldn't find any such toshiba tool for changing the boot order - do you have a link to it? - and is it necessary to change it back afterwards? if so, how do you reverse it?

Many thanks!!

31.07.2006, 14:38

I donít know if you have already saw this page http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp but there you can find detailed explanation how to use Windows Memory Diagnostic tool.

Good luck!

31.07.2006, 21:32
I can't remember the utility name off-hand since my laptop isn't booting at the moment but it's part of the tools provided by Toshiba, maybe "Toshiba Console" or something it should be in the start menu. It lets you change the processor options, display the BIOS version, printer mode and boot order e.g HDD->FDD->CD-ROM. For boot options you need to change this to CD-ROM->HDD->... but make sure the CD-ROM is the first item listed. Alternately you can hold down the C or B key when powering up your laptop to boot the CD-ROM not sure which key but check the instructions on using the product recovery DVD it's the same procedure.

Richard S.