View Full Version : Equium A60: How to remove the keyboard to replace the drive?

28.07.2006, 18:46
Hi, the message board didn't give me the option to reply to the other topic, so I'm afraid I have to start a new post. I tried the instructions that R2D2 posted with my A60-152, took off all the keys and the thin black backing, but still can't find where the screws are to remove the optical drive.

Roughly where should these screws be?
Sorry if I'm being stupid or missing the obvious!


28.07.2006, 18:57

I think you mean this first posting:

I assume you have removed the keyboard successfully. Am I right?
You should check the on the left side of the notebook. Furthermore check the bottom of the unit for further screws.

29.07.2006, 15:23
Hi... thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Having removed the keyboard, it turns out that on my particular model of laptop it's a screw on the underside of the unit that actually holds the optical drive in place. Not sure I actually had to take the keyboard off at all! Thanks for making me check for that - I probably would have destroyed the whole machine looking for the right screw otherwise!