View Full Version : Tecra 550 cdt - battery/charging

28.07.2006, 00:15
how can I tell whether my laptop is charging batteries - and the battery is a dud - or the battery is fine, but the laptop is not charging the battery?

28.07.2006, 14:35

I donít know if I understand you right but it sounds like your notebook cannot charge the battery. Am I right?
Well, firstly you should check if your AC adaptor is ok and if the notebook runs with main power.
If itís clear so you can try to check the battery pin connection. Remove the battery for a while and after several time put it again.
Then check if the battery will charge.
If not so itís possible that the battery is dead. In this case you should check if the new battery will solve your problem.
Itís also possible that there is something wrong with the battery charging electronic. In this case I would recommend contacting the Toshiba service partner in your country. The guys should check the notebook.

By the way; you can purchase the compatible battery also from the service partner.