View Full Version : Equium A60 doesn't recognize the USB webcam

27.07.2006, 01:17
i have just bought a creative vista plus webcam and tried to install it on my Equium A60 laptop, the software installed fine and everything but when i plugged the webcam into the usb port my laptop didn't recognise it.
i tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing changed. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

27.07.2006, 22:05
Hi, kirsten_uk when you connected your webcam into the USB port for the first time did Windows prompt you to install drives?? If not then something has gone wrong with the driver installation or the camera is defected.
Run Control Panel, System and locate something called "Device Manager", (run this) and look for yellow markers over the USB section. If you see a yellow marker this indicates Windows doesn't have a driver for the device, the problem can be corrected by forcing the re-installation of the drivers.
If still no joy, I would recommend trying another USB port or another computer if that fails the cam is defected.

Richard S.

28.07.2006, 13:41

Sometimes the USB devices cannot be recognized properly because of the low power coming from the USB ports. Usually the USB devices should works with 500mA of power. This is a standard. But sometimes the USB devices needs more as only 500mA. In this case you can use a external USB hub with external power supply.

You can also disable the power save option in the device manager under USB Root hub.
There you will find a tab called “power management”. Please enter this tab and disable the option: “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”.

D this on all USB root hubs

29.07.2006, 23:47
I have to disagree webcams do not require a lot of power to operate so the problem has to be hardware or driver related. I own a Creative Notebook webcam and it works like a charm on my A60 even the driver installation was fairly straight forward. When connecting the webcam check "Device Manager" and "Imaging Devices" this will verify that your driver installation was successful.

Richard S.