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25.07.2006, 17:47
I have a tecra 8100 model no: PT810L 12C42.

I had problem with mem slot B, so stoped using it. Then I upgraded my RAM and inserted a 128 Mb TOSHIBA THLY6416G1FG-80 PC100-222-620 RAM to slot A and used for a month. Then it suddenly went dead one day and did not boot at all.

I took it to service point, they somehow figured out to work it by sticking a piece of paper btw the ram and the cover. I used it another week with ram cover duck taped. Then same story, went dead in the middle of winXP, turned off, and no boot again. Took it to the same service point, they tried other RAM chipsets it refused booting on.

The interesting thing is; when they inserted a faulty RAM to both slot A and no-use slot B we get the message "incompatible memory chipset" on the screen. With the above mentioned RAM in slot B (problem as always) and slot A we get nothing just a blank screen, DVD starts green led on but nothing.


Is it the RAM causing problems? So what should be an exactly compatible chipset with model no pls?
Is it both the memory slots A or B, changing them would fix the problem?

is it the machine it self, should it be thrown away?


26.07.2006, 09:45
How bizarre?! I have never heard of "sticking a piece of paper ..." to be professional computer servicing. Surely, it can't possibly be a long term solution??

Pls check out the link from the discussion at http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=10796 where someone technical recommends a useful link which lists the RAM n the limit u can upgrade etc. I think ur answer is there.


26.07.2006, 14:14
thank you sooo much for the swift help. I will let you know about the outcome asap.

26.07.2006, 14:43

I donít know where you have tried to upgrade the memory but as Lisa has suggested this was not a serious technician. I have changed and upgraded memory on several PC and you have to use 100% compatible modules! You shouldnít install the modules with a brute force or use strange things like a paper between slot and memory module.
Possible the slots are damage because of using such procedure. But I hope you are a lucky man and all will work properly.

If you donít know which modules are right and supported so you should contact the Toshiba authorized service partner for right modules and for the upgrade.

Good luck

28.07.2006, 03:24
Unfortunately, I presume that the 8100 has some design problem which manifests itself in dead RAM slots. I have been through four motherboards where one or the other slots failed (one had both go) and there is no way to fix it short of replacing the system board. Chances are your RAM is fine.

At this late date you might be able to track down system boards on eBay (that's where I got mine) but at a certain point you'd be better off just getting a different laptop computer.