View Full Version : Equium L20: How to install a miniPCI WLan card

24.07.2006, 21:21
i have just bought a wireless card for me laptop my laptop did not come with any wireless i have the All so it has the buttons in it for wireless do i need anteater if so how do i install it and would it void my warranty

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24.07.2006, 21:43

You write nothing about your notebook. Maybe your notebook is not ready to install a minPCI WLan card.
But if itís possible to install the card so usually the WLan slot should be placed at the bottom of the unit or under the keyboard.

Then you have to put the card only into the slot and then you have to connect the both WLan antenna cables. As far as I know you have to connect the white cable to main and the brown to aux.

Sometimes the Toshiba ASP should install the WLan card because of the warranty validity.

24.07.2006, 21:49
sorry i have the L10 without wireless

24.07.2006, 21:54
Well, check the bottom of the unit. There you should find the WLan slot cover.
If there is no WLan slot so you cannot install the WLan card.

24.07.2006, 22:12
done that thank you
where do i find the wires for the antener

25.07.2006, 16:33
Usually the cables should be attached on the minPCI WLan card.

26.07.2006, 11:02
When you remove WLAN card cover, if available, you should see two antenna cables (black and white).