View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20: TouchPad control button has collapsed

24.07.2006, 01:31
I have reported two other faults with my notebook in other posts, in relation to those this is very minor but its still very annoying:

The left TouchPad control button on my notebook, usually evenly supported from below, appears to have given way on one side, so that it does not operate with the same spring action on one side of the left button. It wobbles like a loose tooth.

Is this sort of problem easily fixed? Until i get a USB mouse i'm stuck with the TouchPad, but the persistent sound of the plastic surfaces scratching against each other is infuriating!

24.07.2006, 10:21
I dont know what the button looks like on this particular model but if it is one similar to the one i saw before then u should b able to (gently) remove it ... mayb it's just some food stuck underneath :-)


24.07.2006, 11:28
Just short comment to your posting: I have noticed that the quality of mouse buttons on the notebooks is not the same. On my Tecra it is really perfect and pressure on any point gives the same result but on low budget notebooks, like L series, it is not the case.

I know that it is pretty annoying but unfortunately there is nothing to do. Because of that the usage of external mouse is reasonable.