View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20: Battery only lasts 30 minutes.

24.07.2006, 01:20
This problem has persisted throughout the four months i have owned and used this notebook: when the battery has been fully charged and i try to work on battery power only, the battery reading typically states '82% 27min' and, as you would expect, runs out in that time.

I've seen similar problems reported on this forum, but none with such a short battery capacity.

In case this is not a faulty battery, is it possible that i am using a large amount of battery power without realising?

24.07.2006, 15:30

As far as I know the Toshiba power saver is not installed on the Sat Pro L20.
Therefore the Microsoft windows “power options” is responsible for the battery power status.
However, did you try to upgrade the BIOS on this notebook? If not so check it.
Visit the Toshiba page and check you installed BIOS version with the available BIOS on the site.

But it is also possible that the battery has a malfunction because it’s unusual that the notebook will run only 27min on the battery.