View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Need single sound driver yacxg.sys

21.07.2006, 06:18
Hi, I've been having this problem with the sound card on my Tecra 9100. If there's someone who could please send me the single driver yacxg.sys version:

PLEASE I'll really apreciate your time all of your help. Now I've tried downloading from toshiba's website but I'll get the error message at the end telling me that the driver is not installed. I just need that file to see if that works which I hope so.

Please let me know if anyone can help me with that file. Thank you

21.07.2006, 10:20
have u been to this link: http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/faq.jsp?service=EU&FID=TRO0000001b59

if not, if relevant, might b worth taking a look (search for Click Here in red on the page, i think it is the version that u r looking for). According to the author, it's a workaround.


22.07.2006, 08:15
Hi Lisa thanks for your reply, I have already tried that link, and DL that "driver" is not working at all, and is not a malfunction with the Sound card. Please if anyone has the driver running on their system32 folder on windows let me know or send it to me. Thank you!!!

24.07.2006, 17:25
What about this:


25.07.2006, 05:49
Thank you but alredy tried both drivers (win 9x) and XP. None of them work on my system.

25.07.2006, 11:14

Can you tell us which status has sound card in device manager? Are you sure that sound card is not defective?

Try to remove preinstalled driver from sound card properties, restart the unit and try to install Toshiba designed driver again.

27.07.2006, 08:26
Ok, so the "sound card" is showed as "unknown Device" and has a yellow circle with an exclamation sign on it. It's not my sound card I bought a new one, I thought it was my other one that was defective.

27.07.2006, 19:45
You have changed the sound card on the notebook? Is it right?
Sorry but who knows what you have done on the notebook. The card is shown as a unknown device. In this case either the driver or the hardware is not correct. Toshiba driver should works and should enable the old sound card properly but I’m not sure about the replaced sound card.

28.07.2006, 11:19
Hello Gerardo

Why you don’t give as all useful info in the first posting. The guys try to help you thinking that you have “factory hardware configuration” and now you give us info that sound card is replaced. Sorry but in my opinion it is not fair.

Unfortunately many other users make the same. Anyway: if you know the sound card manufacturer visit their download page and check if you can download the right driver.


09.08.2006, 08:49
Thanks for the reference on the driver but I received the same message as the original post "driver was not installed." I have WinXP Pro SP2 with the original yamaha soundcard that worked under Win2K but stopped working after upgrade to XP.