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20.07.2006, 16:10
I have Toshiba Notebook Satellite & for some reason recently there is no boot up menu or screen. Once windows has loaded the screen works fine but my windows is corrupted & I want to re-install it I cannot do this within windows because of the errors & I cannot access the BIOS menu or even the see the multiboot menu.

I am wondering if a BIOS update will fix this problem, however I'll have to do this blind because I have nothing on the screen.

Can someone tell me what I need to press if I were to do a blind update? Or if there is any other way to sort out this problem (no boot-up menu screen).


20.07.2006, 16:20

You want to boot up from the CD drive. Am I right?
In this case you can press and hold F12 immediately after notebook starting and then the boot menu should appear. Then you can choose the device from you want to boot.

The other possibility is to press and hold the C button. This is a option to boot from the CD drive.

20.07.2006, 16:24
I can boot but the problem is... what do I do next?

Since I have read on the bios update page that you have options as to updating the bios BUT I cannot see anything so I dont no what to select or press after the CD has been booted up.

I tried re-installing windows & I know that the Windows XP CD booted up but I dont know what to press after because there is nothing visible on the screen.

21.07.2006, 12:44

Possibly you have switched accidental the screen to the extended monitor.
Please try to use the key combination FN+F5 and try to connect the external monitor.
But does your notebook boot up into windows? Can you see some actions on the notebook (HDD, LED, etc)

In my opinion the BIOS update will change nothing in this case.

21.07.2006, 13:26
Thanks for your reply

MY notebook boots up into windows but I cannot do anything once I'm in there, I think it has a few viruses on it. I do not have an external monitor to connect to it either. I tried formatting the notebook & installing Windows without having anything to go by on the screen (since it has been disabled somehow only during the boot up process & subsequently the Windows installation process). I found a step by step on the net but I'm sure you can understand that its hard to know what to press when there is nothing to see.

I tried FN+F5 but nothing happened (& I dont have a monitor to connect it to, I'm using a friends old laptop at the moment to accesss this site) does that work to CANCEL the external monitor & does it work during the boot up?

21.07.2006, 13:54
Ok, during the boot up procedure or OS installation nothing on the screen but once the OS has loaded you can see the windows.

Unfortunately I think itís almost impossible to install something without to see anything on the screen.

As I said above, maybe you will see something on the external monitor. If you havenít a external monitor contact your dealer or the Toshiba service partner.

21.07.2006, 14:05
Yes that is the situation I am in at the moment. I am going to try & see if I can borrow an external monitor later on today to see if it works. I thought maybe someone could offer me a "blind" guide as to what to press on the keyboard etc to re-install windows.

Thanks for the help Eldorado

15.08.2006, 00:41

Once you power the notebook on press the 'C' key, this will force the unit to boot to CD. It will then lead you through a Ghost re-image if you use the Toshiba provided recovery disc. You will need to press Y once or twice to confirm you wish to re-image and lose any data currently on your hard drive.

If you are still unable to see any screen during post on the internal lcd panel then I would suggest you contact a service provider and get your unit inspected / repaired as it sounds like you have a mainboard problem.

Hope this helps.