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19.07.2006, 15:09
My Tecra 8000 is just within the Microsoft minimum specification for running Windows XP.

I am concerned that by installing XP the machine will perform badly with XP eating up resources.

I would welcom hearing from others who have experience of putting XP on this or similar spece'd laptop.

PC used for internet/email and general office use - no processor/memory hungry software used.

Machine Specification:-
Processor: GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 6 366 MHz Stepping 10
Math Support: Present
BIOS: TECRA8000 v9.30 TOSHIBA, 12/31/99
Bus Type: PCI, ISA
Ports: 1 Parallel, 2 Serial
Memory: 256 MB (25% Utilized)
Floppy Disks: 1.44 MB
Hard Disks: 18.63 GB
Multimedia: CD-ROM
Video: 1024 x 768 in True Color, NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 AV Ver. 4.20

< Operating System > Windows: 4.0 (Build 1381)
Net Clients: Microsoft Windows Network

20.07.2006, 09:44
Hi Paul, i have recently reburbished a Tecra8000 (192 RAM + 288 MHz + 14GB) which has a much lower specs than urs. i was planning to just put Win98 on it but because it lost the original Toshiba system files n the DVD drive was unable to play DVDs. The user was a novice n it'd b difficult for her to have to install drivers every time she has a new device. i therefore took the chance n installed XP pro for her after reformatting. i then got her a wireless mouse n signed her up broadband n MSN messenger etc. she was v impressed with the performance and the internet connection etc. so far so good. she told me she even managed to get a new printer working without any help!

the only thing is if u rebuild the system from scratch, u have to prepare not having the original Toshiba system files. i definitely had to re-install the monitor driver in Win98. (the screen would look awful otherwise.)

Good Luck!


20.07.2006, 21:39

The hardware should be able to handle the Windows XP but I think you will not find the Toshiba XP drivers for this unit.
Therefore it will be very difficult to run the notebook with full Toshiba Tecra 8000 features.

However, I think itís possible to install the WinXP but the OS will not run with full performance.

21.07.2006, 10:08
I totally agree with u Jack but Paul did say that he would only use the PC for internet/email and general office use - no processor/memory hungry software used etc. I think his laptop would do fine.

the only complaint i have with this model is the difficulty to play DVDs on it. under XP, it keeps saying "DVD Decoder Initialize Error" then follwed by another pop-up "DVD Render Error", still cant understand why it has to b this hard.

i'll try to install WinDVD XP version for the user when i next visit her n see if that works.


02.08.2006, 13:57
Lisa (and jack) - thanks for your replies. Based on your input I will take the plunge and try XP on the machine.

Checking Microsoft site it looks like I can convert from my current NT4 Operating System to XP Professional, however if I want to install XP Home I will need to do a rebuild the machine. Although I am confident on doing the rebuild having done a number before on this and other machines you rightly point out that I would need to try and gather all drivers and patches etc first.

Therefore I think I will attempt to install XP Professional on a separate partition and retain NT4 until XP has been set up and is running smoothly, what do you think?


02.08.2006, 14:07

This sounds really nice.
I would also recommend installing a XP as a second OS.
In this case you can still work with NT and test the XP.

02.08.2006, 16:57
Hi Paul, i'd installed XP Professional for my user n so far so good. Her broadband is also working well too. when this laptop was using Win98, i had to install a driver every time i added some new hardware. Now with XP Pro there is no need, she even managed to install the new printer herself without help. The same goes with the memory stick etc.

i re-built the Tecra 8000 (192 MB RAM) from scratch (XP Pro only, bypassed Win98) so i dont know how well it'd cope with dual OSs. Bear in mind that it's not that "roomy". i just like it super "clean". btw, the installation was much simpler than Win98 (not much to add). One more thing, i don't know how well it'd cope if it had a virus checker on it (might slow down the machine considerably). I just installed Sygate Firewall version of 5.5.2577 (downloaded from http://www.oldversion.com/program.php?n=sygate ) without any virus checker. it's a good Firewall n she's a sensible user (i've warned her all the things not to do etc). u might like to install that firewall (n turn off any unnecessary XP services) too BEFORE u go online.

Lisa (yes it's me again with a new ID :-)