View Full Version : Excellent WLan signal strengh but No access to the internet

18.07.2006, 18:30
I have a toshiba laptop with inbuilt adapter, adapter works fine with other wireless networks as i have connected without any problems to atleast 5 or 6.

I have recently set up a new network with aol's new wireless router, a thompson speedtouch. The network is working correctly and displaying full signal strengh and connectivity but i am unable to access the internet.

Other laptops in my house access the network perfectly, though mine is the only laptop with Sp2!? Is this a problem?
I know very little technical jargon and have viewed hundreds of posts on google and this site but none have been any help. I have done numerous things but all seem to lead to ip/config - which comes up with error message - media disconnected and a timeout message and something about dhcp??

Another path leads me to 'repair the network' this task can't be completed and halts saying 'cannot renew ip address'. I've downloaded updates from microsoft for SP2, tried to update the driver for the adapter but am told i have latest firmware. Am completely stuck, from reading around this is not an uncommon problem, the common answers though are not seeming to help me.

Anyone with any help whatsoever would be amazing!!

21.07.2006, 14:57

I have also read in the net that sometimes if the SP2 was installed itís not possible to access to the internet through the WLan.
As far as I know the SP2 installs and enabled the firewall. Therefore you should check if the firewall is disabled.
Furthermore the driver update could solve your problem.
Check your WLan card driver version and if necessary download and install the new one.

The other possibility is that you have enabled the MAC address filtering on the router. Please check this.