View Full Version : How to connect to the internet through the WLan?

18.07.2006, 08:45
Can anyone please help me? I am desperate to be connected to the internet with my toshiba satellite pro wireless free.
I had it up and working before but then i lost my connection, i am normally quite good with these sort of things. Is there any helpful soul out there that could give me a step by step fools guide how to connect my laptop without cables etc.

Any help would be much appreciated as i want to use my laptop to its full potential.

many thanks

18.07.2006, 09:56
you might need to elaborate on the info are you problem so that others might be able to help.

you can search for a step by step guide on the net.
Check this out to see if this is what u r looking for:

18.07.2006, 10:02

Firstly you should know if the WLan card is installed on your notebook or not.
Check also the device manager if the Wlan card driver is installed properly.
Then you have to configure your WLan router.
In this case you should check your WLan router manual how to configure this device.

If you want to connect the notebook to the WLan router so you have to enable the WLan card. Usually the WLan switch at the notebook side should be enabled (LED on)
Then you have to switch to the WLan antenna with the key combination FN+F8.

If everything is on so you should go to the “network connections” There you have to available the WLan network properties. Go to the “Wireless networks” and choose “View wireless networks” button. There you should see your WLan.

If you have configured the WLan encryption on the router settings so you have to put firstly the password to connect to the WLan.