View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60: CPU upgrade questions

17.07.2006, 19:18
I have taken my laptop apart before, and as far as I remember I was able to remove the CPU.
My A60 is the bottom of the range AFAIK, 2.8ghz Celeron, 40GB HDD and DVD-ROM/CD-RW. I have since added 512MB RAM and a LiteOn DVD+-RW drive.
What kind of CPU would be a direct swap?
I have been looking at my manual, A60's have been sold with 3.06GHz P4's.

Would I be able to put in a 3.06GHz 533FSB into my laptop?


20.07.2006, 13:08

As far as I know the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered with these CPUs:
Mobile-Intel-Pentium4-HT CPU 518(2.8G), CPU 532(3.06G), CPU 538(3.2G)
Intel-Celeron CPU 335(2.8G) CPU 340(2.93G) CPU 345(3.066G), CPU 350 (3.2G)

So in this case I think you can use only these CPUs