View Full Version : CD/DVD drive isn't recognised on Satellite Pro L10

17.07.2006, 18:28
hello. can anybody help with the following ;-

My DVD drive isn't recognised on my comp and in hardware properties it states that my CDW/DVD driver has possibly become corrupted and needs re-installing or 'updating'.

the drive(r) is shown as TSST Corp TS-L462A - can i get the updated
driver download from this site? (is it free?)

thanks for any assistance


19.07.2006, 13:24
Hi Paul,

You don't say what model of notebook you have, but generally speaking if you are using Windows XP then you will be using the standard Microsoft drivers for your optical drive.

However, you can download any of the Toshiba drivers and utilities from the Toshiba web-site by clicking on the Support and Downloads section and selecting Download Files. You will need to complete the details of your notebook so that the correct driver list will be displayed (unless you supplied these details when you registered).


20.07.2006, 12:21
thanks NN. i has intended to post within the 'satellite pro' thread. my notebook is a satellie
pro L10.
i've followed the directions you suggested - it brings up a list of drivers but nothing that seems to
obviously fit with a CDW/DVD driver (there is a DVD-RAM driver mentioned ?)

am i on the right lines ? thanks for helping someone clearly out of his depths !!