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16.07.2006, 12:12
Best co-members,
After many reading-searching etc in this forum, and on the pages from Toshiba-Novell-Linux groups here in my country (Netherlands) i did not find anything about wich distro is capable with my L20-155.
My wish is to install one Os (Suse 10.1) and say an well-meant thanks to window$ for the last years.
Are there members with experience and/or good recommendation?

thanks so far

16.07.2006, 16:40

I have read this posting and it seems that the Linux Mandriva 2006 distribution works properly on the units.

Unfortunately, the Toshiba doesn’t support official the Linux and therefore you will not find any Toshiba drivers for Linux on all notebooks.

17.07.2006, 11:50
Thanks Eldorado,
i`m just downloading the iso`s for mandriva 2006 and will give it an try.

17.07.2006, 12:19
Hi Ben

Let us know how it works.
Good luck ;)

18.07.2006, 11:08
Here is my first feedback
After downloading the Mandriva 2006-iso dvd, and burning (low speed) the first problem is there.
#1. Reboot my desktop with the dvd and after the welcomescreen, it`s ready for install
#2. Reboot my laptop with the dvd and after the welcomescreen, the screen goes black & stay black ?
#3. After rebooting again ==> after the welcomescreen ==> F1 ==> startup with command vgalo ==> blackscreen !

Any idea ?
btw, when reboot the laptop with the Suse 10.1 dvd, there`s no problem to start the install, but i like the
mandriva distro on the laptop, because somebody propose it to me ((big smile)).

The harddisk is format to NTFS

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Mannerhagen Tom
10.08.2006, 15:25
Hi Jester

how is your experience now? Which distro did you choose?
I've used Fedora 5, Suse 10.1 and Ubunutu 6.06 and they all work pretty well.

Best functionality is doubtless with Ubuntu where also some of the Hotkeys will work.
Ok, we could discuss the artwork, but that's another matter :)



13.08.2006, 13:51
Thanks Mannerhagen Tom,
Not Working ==> Mandriva One, Mandriva 2006, Fedora-Core & Suse 10.1 (even with noapics by boot)
Fine Working ==> Ununtu Dapper Drake, Kubuntu & Xubuntu (xfce), Vector linux and SimplyMepis.
My favorie till now is Dapper Drake (last version).
I found an url to download Suse 9.3 ( 5 cd`s).What do you think? give it an try OR?
The not working distro`s has all an problem with the grapic interface of my laptop, even the most not working
distro`s has problems with ATI & NVidia parts for the most pc`s (see the fora`s )

Mannerhagen Tom
14.08.2006, 14:53
Hi Jester

Suse 9.3 was a good distro at it's time. It was in my oppinion the absolute best then. It proved that it was possible to do almost everything that I wanted to do in Windows. Things have happened since. And I see no reason to go back. Stay with Ubuntu if you get the performance and functionality you want.