View Full Version : Tecra 750DVD: HDD doesn't contain vaild FAT or FAT32

15.07.2006, 22:34
Hi people, been having problems for a week now.
Old hard drive died so installed a new one.
Put boot disk in and everything starts to load and then I get message 'Windows 98 has detected that drive C does not contain a valid FAT ot FAT32 partition. There are several possible causes'.
Then at the bottom of the three options
Device driver not found:'MSCDOO1'.
No valid CDROM device drivers selected
To get help, type HELP and press ENTER

When i type FDISK all i get is a message saying
No fixed disks present.
Then I'm stuck.

Any suggestions ideas? Can't see a way past it.


17.07.2006, 14:04
I assume you have placed this HDD into the notebook but you have not formatted it.
If you want to install a Win98 the HDD should contain a FAT or FAT32 file system.
I would recommend to start from the WinXP CD and to format it.

19.07.2006, 17:12
thanks for the advice, but I'm told today that the age of the machine means it won't support Windows XP, and that I need the product key for the old hard drive but I got the laptop 2nd hand on ebay and the old hard drive that would have it stored is unusable.
Don't know what to do.

20.07.2006, 09:33
could u tell us the specs of this laptop? (e.g. RAM/ speed/ disk space etc)

after booting up from floppy, r u able to do a

format c:\ /s