View Full Version : Satellite Pro A100: How to get a new keyboard

15.07.2006, 20:04
Hi there.

I managed to spill beer on my keyboard, and now some keys don't work anymore. It's the Uk version for the Satellite Pro A100. Can anyone recommend somewhere that sells replacememts, as I can't seem to find anywhere in the uk.

Failing that, any tips on fixing it?

Thanks in advance,

15.07.2006, 21:37

All parts for your notebook you can purchase from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
The ASP in UK you will find on this Toshiba website under “find authorized service partner”.

Furthermore you can also visit this Toshiba options & accessories website.

There you can search for the compatible keyboard.

To replace the keyboard you have firstly remove the thin cover above the keyboard (F keys)
Then you have to remove the screws which fix the keyboard. Then it should be possible to pull out the keyboard. But be careful. The keyboard is connected with the flat cable to the motherboard.

15.07.2006, 23:07
Thanks very much for your quick response. I found a service partner site that sells parts, but they don't seem to have the right model number.
I gather there's been a change of serial numbers recently, and so I've enquired about that.
I'll update this if I get some clarification about relevant parts.