View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60: ATI display driver keeps breaking down

15.07.2006, 04:05
I have had my Sat pro A60 Laptop for about a year now.
I have had a few problems with it since I got it but the main problem has just occured within the last 6-7 months.

The ATI display driver keeps on breaking down and in order for it to work I have to restart the system. This has been an ongoing problem for quite some time and it's now getting rather irriating. It does it at the most inconvenient times like when I am watching a DVD or listening to a CD.

Sometimes when I put the computer on standby, the display doesn't even start up again and the screen remains blank. In order to sort this out I have to switch off the laptop and then restart it. The main problem I have put this down to is overheating as it can get quite hot when I use it.

I sort of know how to sort this problem out, just by clearing dust from the fans. But if there is any other solution to this please help.


17.07.2006, 16:12

Mostly the overheating happens because of the dirt and dust inside of the cooling modules. The fans cannot work properly and cannot spin with full performance.
I think you should check the fans. I think the easiest way to clean the fans is to use the vacuum cleaner hose against the fan grilles.

About the display issue: In your case I would recommend firstly to update the display driver. Additional if the OS runs since a long time on the notebook so maybe a new OS installation form the Toshiba recovery CD would help.

17.07.2006, 19:13
I recommend downloading Omega Drivers (google search). Install them and say yes to everything. Ive been using them and games run much faster