View Full Version : Satellite M40-110: WLan doesn't work properly after Standby mode

14.07.2006, 09:43
Hello, I have an M40-110. I have some problems with my wireless adapter. After I close the screen(lit) and the computer goes standby mode, I open the screen and the computer becomes active, but this time the wireless adapter does not work properly, and I can not connect to the Internet by my wireless adapter. Sometimes it seems that wireless adapter has established a connection, but I can not send and receive any data from Internet; sometimes after this case, the wireless adapter becomes disabled.

My Service offered me to enable wake-up-on-lan bios option. After I did this, the Internet worked properly.
But, I am suspicious about this option:

1) Does enabling this option cause to deplete my battery quickly?
2) Does this option only mask my hardware(wireless nic) failure and is it really needed to solve this problem?


15.07.2006, 15:31
I have the same problem. When I resume from standby I have no internet connection despite the wireless connection being ok. It works fine if I turn the wireless card off and then on however. Surely you shouldn't have to do this every time I resume from standby. Is it a setting or does the wireless LAN card need updated drivers? My laptop is a Satellite P30.

18.07.2006, 16:25
I think I solved the problem with some help ffrom the forum. The problem is Windows and the loaded configuration utility (ConfigFree) that simultaneously configure the adaptor. My action is
1) Unload ConfigFree
2) Load the latest drivers from Toshiba Download Support + The added utility for the configuration of the wireless adaptor (I think it was Intel Proset)
3) Disable windows configuration
4) Enable the latest configuration program.
Finally, it worked.

18.07.2006, 16:32
Cool, thanks for the info