View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20 very slow to boot up

13.07.2006, 20:21
My computer is taking ages to boot up once logged in for the first time. I do have norton starting automatically and think this may be slowing it down but how do i find out what other programs are starting up automatically.

I have noticed there are alot of icons on my taskbar. Any ideas if its something to do with this or somethine else entirely?

14.07.2006, 11:14
Hi Lynsey,

There are two possible places for tasks and processes to be specified for startup. The first (and more obvious) one is in the 'Startup' folder which you will see if you click on 'Start -> All Programs'. Any shortcut to an application placed here will cause that application to start when Windows loads.

The less obvious place is in the system Registry, and this is where most of the started processes/tasks will be specified. The easiest way to view these is to use the MSCONFIG function (just click 'Start' -> Run and then type MSCONFIG on the command line).

When the MSCONFIG window opens just click on the 'startup' tab and you will see a list of the processes displayed together with a check box beside each entry. You can select any processes that you do not want to start (but be careful not to stop any of the necessary tasks for Windows or your own notebook configuration). When you accept any changes that you want the system will ask if you want to reboot and your notebook will then restart with the changes that you have made in effect. Note that after the restart you will be advised that the system has started in diagnostic mode, to return to normal just rerun MSCONFIG and on the GENERAL tab click the 'normal' radio button.