View Full Version : Satellite Pro L20: FN+F8 key doesn't work after new installation

12.07.2006, 15:10
I have just reinstalled xp onto my laptop and I am unable to find the drivers that operate my wireless hardware function key (F8).
Unfortunately I have not got the Toshiba Drivers CD with me, I am working away from home as an expat therefore I am relying on the official Toshiba site for my drivers.
I have successfully downloaded all other vital drivers but can find no reference on the site that will help me with the problem.
I have tried to switch the wireless on through the LAN setting but when I try to enable I get the message telling me to switch the hardware on!
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you

15.07.2006, 21:57

On the Toshiba driver page you will find the installation instruction how to install all the Toshiba drivers.
Itís very important that the drivers will be installed in the right order.

Furthermore if you want to switch on the WLan, you have to enable the WLan switch at the notebook side and also to enable the WLan antenna with FN+F8.