View Full Version : Tecra 9100: Keep getting general I/O failure on bootup

10.07.2006, 17:58
Does anyone know where in the UK I can purchase an I/O board for a Tecra 9100. Keep getting General I/O failure on bootup. Rebuild hasn't altered this message.

11.07.2006, 12:27
it might not b the board that's giving u this problem. Something similar happened to me a while ago when i lent my laptop to my neighbour's daughter. no matter what i did it just wouldn't boot up. i even upgraded the BIOS etc to no avail. In the end i found out that it was because someone had been drinking n eating all over the keyboard. i took the keys apart to clean the base (u should try this step first), it still didn't work, in the end a kind person donated an old keyboard from his office store room (not difficult to replace just remove the strip). After the replacement ...

it booted up beautifully ...

let us know if this info helps.


11.07.2006, 18:32
I've seen something similar caused by a duff CD/DVD drive. Try removing yours and see if this makes any difference.