View Full Version : Tecra 8000: No memory area available to communicate with PC Card

10.07.2006, 10:36
I have a Tecra 8000 running Win98 SE and use a 3Com PCMCIA Card for my Internet Connection. I was troubleshooting my computer on another issue and in the process disabled the PCMCIA Toshiba ToPIC Cardbus Controllers. After enabling these again I am no longer able to communicate with the PC Card and therfore cannot connect to the Internet.

PC Card Troubleshooting Agent states: 'Windows is not able to identify or use the inserted PC Card Device because there is no memory area available to communicate with this device. You must make a memory area available before this device can be used. Check your computer's CONFIG.SYS file for a memory manager that is excluding upper memory regions between A000 and FFFF'.

My Cardbus Controllers are set as follows:
1.Memory Range - 0C000000 - 0C000FFF
2.Memory Range - 0C001000 - 0C001FFF

My PC Card (PCMCIA) Properties are as follows:
Card Services Shared Memory:
Start 000C0000
Length 00001000

Whilst the PC Card Modem is being recognised in the Port it cannot be communicated with and the error message is shown as follows:

'Error 666: The modem is not plugged in or is out of service. Connect a modem to your computer and try again'.

When I run Modem Diagnostics there is no response except for the following:

'Open Comm: Couldn't open port'

Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

12.07.2006, 22:25
Have you tried uninstalling the Cardbus drivers? Not sure of the location in Win98 (in XP it is under Device Manager), go to 'PCMCIA adapters' and Uninstall all the Controller entries.

Reboot and Win98 will perform its 'Found new hardware' routine. This will re-install the drivers and with any luck should resolve your problem.

17.07.2006, 12:17
Thanks for advice. I removed Cardbus Controllers and then rebooted and the Drivers were re-installed as suggested but the same error messages and problem are still there.

Any other suggestions gratefully received, otherwise I may have to try reloading Windows.



17.07.2006, 16:55
Hi Evan, I have had 2 PC cards damaged during bad thunderstorms in the past. Recently i helped someone to set up her Tecra8000 during another thunderstorm her new extension cable blew up silently! At first i didn't suspect it as the cable was brand new (cannot open port etc). Anyway, i tested the cable with a phone n it was dead and then i got a new extension cable for her from Argos the next day n it worked perfectly!

If ur card is broken then i suggest u get a Phonic PC card V.92 from PC World. It's only 14.99 n the connection speed is surprisingly fast 112.5k ! (I used to pay for 50 !) faster than my new fancy laptop, the internal modem can only connect at 44k !

Hope this helps. Let us know.

PS I have since upgraded her laptop from Win98 to XP, it works rather well on the Tecra8000 (so far so good, she even managed to get her new printer working under XP without asking for my help!). if ur laptop meets the requirements, it MIGHT be worth considering upgrading it to XP.