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09.07.2006, 21:39

I am a novice user with an Equium L20 connected to a Logitech webcam and an MSN messenger account.
When I have live video conversations via MSN Messenger with my daughter (300 miles away) there is a very high pitched feedback sound which gets worse as we talk.

It is not the webcam as it does not happen when the webcam is connected to a friends laptop and we have tired 4 different ones with the same result. Nor is it the wireless/broadband setup or something in our house as it does the same thing when connected to another (different)system 300 miles away.

Our retailer has stated that there is no hardware fault, but cannot solve the problem despite downloading new speaker drivers, and taking us through balancing the volume and wave settings in volume control (only works when volume is so low as to be inaudible!). They are now blaming MSN software.

They did try adding external speakers via the headphone connection but as this did not "switch off" the laptop speakers we still get the feedback noise - as we do with headphones.

Any ideas gratefully accepted as we are missing out on seeing our 7 month old granddaughter growing up!

Thanks in anticipation

12.07.2006, 13:15

I assume the webcam supports a own microphone and therefore the sound feedback occurs.
Audio feedback can occur when the audio received by a participant through his/her speakers then re-enters the microphone.
All participants MUST have a headset to separate audio cross over between speakers and microphones. It is also VERY important to ensure that you have selected the microphone on your headset and NOT the integral one with the webcam.
Webcam microphones have a wide range and pick up a lot of ambient noise and are not ideal for 2-way conversations. To ensure the correct microphone is selected right hand mouse click on the video window, select Settings, select the microphone icon and ensure your headset mic is selected. The slider bar will adjust the volume level.

Additionally I have found a useful FAQ page on the Toshiba website:

It describes NOT the same issue but very similar to your. Maybe it will help you.

14.07.2006, 20:38
Hi Louise, I'm surprised the internal speakers still operate when external ones are connected this sounds to me like a defect with the laptop jack. Since the speakers are still working the feedback problem will still remain my only recommendation is you use an external mic and preferable one that's labelled as noise cancelling. Noise cancelling mics have a shorter range compared to regular mics and therefore should greatly reduce the risk of feedback problems. One other thing you should pay attention to the recording mixer settings make sure you are not accidentally recording a mixed source which would also adds to the problem.

Richard S.