View Full Version : Portege 7200 doesn't recognize external memory

09.07.2006, 15:56
I had downloaded Windows XP on my Portege 7200 (with 256 MB external memory) and it worked well. Suddenly, it started overheating and was extremely sluggish. I reformatted the disk, downloaded XP again and it appears to work well, even though slowly;

however it refuses to acknowledge the extrernal memory and appears to be working with the 64 MB internal memory only.
Is this an external memory (hardware) port problem or can I do something to fix this?

13.07.2006, 02:40

have you tried to use the 256MB memory module in another computer?
Maybe the module itself became faulty.


13.07.2006, 11:13

You have suggested also that the notebook has started overheating.
As far as I know it could be possible that the cooling modules cannot cool the CPU and then the CPU doesn't run with full performance.
You should check you cooling grilles for dust and debris.
You can try to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the fans. But be careful.

The second possibility is a memory modules malfunction.
Try to test it with another one.

27.07.2006, 01:13
I have the same problem with a portege 7220.
I took out the 64MB Module and replaced it with a 256 MB Module. First it worked, but suddenly it did not recognized the module anymore. Even if I put back the old 64 MB module the bios only recognizes the built in 64 MB.
I tried to update the bios, but this did not worked as well. The system does not access the floppy disk in the docking station.
Any help appreciated!

27.07.2006, 14:58

Possibly the slot is damage or something different on the board. ;(
Maybe you have used not supported modules.

Donít think that you will solve it yourself. The technician should check it.