View Full Version : Speaker crackling sound with media player on Equium

09.07.2006, 15:27
I have a problem with my speakers, anytime i go to use media player, all i hear is a crackling sound from them, any ideas.

12.07.2006, 12:30

Does the crackling sound appear since a first day?
Does it happen if you play CD's or watch movies?
Maybe some codex are missing.

Did you try to update the sound driver? If not so check it.

However, I have also read that sometimes a new OS installation could solve such issues.
I don't know why but possibly some files on the HDD could be damage.

14.07.2006, 18:58
No idea but it would be a good idea to test your laptop with another media player something like WinAMP or RealPlayer will do.

Richard S.